Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well,this is an update indeed.But an update about something that happened sometime ago.Btw,do you guys now the meaning of 'humdum','allegory','privy','opulent','condone' ?? Lolx,my vocab have been improving rapidly since i bought that book.Seriously,good book.It's called " SKULLDUGGERY PLEASENT"Yea,it's a weird topic.It's a name of that guy.Detective,sworn enemy of evil and oh yea..DEAD..Many people have been wanting to lend this book from me.Well,guys..I'm taking my time to read want it ? Be patient. Anyway.I bought this book from MPH during a recent trip to Ipoh wift my family.Main reason was to pay my maternal grandmother a visit after sometime.She looks pretty healthy actually.=D Aaaaannyyway,after the visit at Becham,Ipoh.Me and my family proceeded to Jusco.That old place we always go during trips to Ipoh.Well,what can I say.We don't have a SHOPPING MALL back here at Sitiawan accept for this dodgy looking NOT SO GIGANTIC "Giant".Hahaha..Anyway,i bought shirts at Jusco.Not bad actually
This is the book I bought.

teehee..that children's book thingy there and the number 9 ( it means 9/10 , k ! ) Not 9 years and above cuz thats jux WRONG ! Haha Anyway,during the time at Jusco also had time to makan-makan at food court.I had this wonderful peanut pancake.Exquisite !! ( oh i drank ice lemon tea )
Before going back.we discovered it was right ? Dad had to hurried out to get the car.Lolx !!

Boy,it was a mess getting in the car.Obviously wet but made it =D PHEWWW''...
Well,Ipoh was indeed something. So this is just another update.

Another thing is WOW NIGHT is on the 30th Of August.This Saturday at 7.30 until 11.00.It's a c oncert of those teens like me from this church performing worship songs.It will be a great time for worship for all those christians and for the nons.I tell u wad,give christ A SHOT,wud ya ? Pls,come and come.Support me and friends even if u dont expect anything from this event,k ? God Bless and expecting to see packs of ppl there..heeee :)) GABYES.

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