Saturday, September 27, 2008


jana !!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well,ntg much to post about this time.Just some recent events and happenings,though.Last Sunday,i had the chance to go to Pizza Hut for Jude's Bday party.It was pretty cool,actually.Plus,it was a pretty last minute decision cause I wasnt certain if I wanted to go or not..but I was thinking,"it's just a once in awhile time out with friends so,why not".Anyway,it was free food cause he had vouchers..LOLS.I actually thought he was either super rich or super generous.Turns out,got voucherss..lolx,what a better way to do it,right ? Hahahahaha.Well,b4 the whole party..there were still loads of time.So,rather than waiting in the stupid parlour.I was thinking,we should walk to the nearby THE STALL to get him a gift.*didnt get one cause it was last minute,kaes.* So yea,we shared the present and it was a pwwweety lookin' shirt,actually !!!
After that,we walked to Pizza Hut again and there many people there already so we settled and handed over our present and sat down to feast.We had loads of stuff.Tuna,Royal Masala..or is it Malasa ? Wtfff..bread stick and those other usual stuffs..

Later.We decided it would be a great idea to catch a movie.We were finding it a hard time to choose between Death Race and Meet Dave.But,we all thought Meed Dave would be a good laugh so we all walked there lorhs.15 of us, ya know ?
It felt like a ROMBONGAN.Weird as it can be.Anyway,we got there and found out Meet Dave was at 1.00 and it was 3.00 just now.So,we said..hey,lets go for Deathrace which was 3.00.And therefore,we got 14 tickets and got in.I still have that long list of tickets.Hahahaha..So,we got in very unorganized.There were some of them who were so noisy,seriously.Wouldnt want to BAD MOUTH em' but..anyway,u guys seem like u guys have never been to a cinema before !!!! Hahaha.Sorryy..
But,the show was an awesome one,i gotta give it to them.But it's not for everyone anyway.People who wont mind feasting their eyes to a little aggresion and killing scences would find it amusing.
Shud really try watching it.I've been watching A LOT of movies recently and my next one would be High School Musical 3.
Well,basically.My sister who had just completed her UPSR is lyk UBER-FREE now.So,she is calling some of her friends to watch it with her this coming OCTOBER.So,im just some form of companion to all of those girls.Anyway,i think Shuwen is coming too,right ? So at least,it wouldnt be too dodgy for me.Lols.
Oh oh.And I heard that Brad Pitt and A Jolie has donated U$ 1 million to some fund raising campaign thingy in Zimbabwe.Woah,look at that..
Anyway..stay close with my blog,arites ? Tc and gabyes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Delights..

Wow.It's not like I get hooked up with boy bands but this particular one really caught my attention.


An awesome combination of music-talent,looks,charisma and their love for music.Gawwsh, me PERSONALLY.their song has so totally changed music.Their songs like Burning Up,Play My Music,When You Look Me In The Eye,Year 3000,Just a little Bit Longer...these songs say alot of things you know. Well..they've actually been around for good period of time it was just a matter of time that they were going to be noticed.One thing I realise about this awesome band is their coordination when they perform on stage.They just let music take the way and use them in it's OWN liking. Kevin,the one who plays the string is an example of a true and genuine lover of music..Nick and Joe.Both possesses a certain particular style of their own that attracts girls and suprisingly the one of the same gender.I mean,not sexually..but it's their way of heating things up on stage that makes a guy even fascinate em'.U catch me ? So,yeaa..I mean..if u arent really an ardent fan of the Jonas Brothers.Give them a shot to change music for you,okayy ? At least I know it has to me.

Oh yea.Did you know its so so advisable to really really clean ur toothbrush thoroughly everytime u use it.I mean,most people are so ignorant that they just brush it off with some water and let it there.Because research proves that 80% of bacteria comes from YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.Not those on your teeth..So,yea..just some dumb tip for u TEETH CLEANERS !!! LMAOssss..And jamie loo ! Somehow..I miss you lots.It's shame u wont be making it back to Msia this time around..*sniff sniff* Anyhow.To my blog readers,take care and have an excellent weekend.Gabyes..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Sensation of "Shuffling"

I don't know..I look around in school and all I see is shuffling. Well.basically..downstairs where form 1's are normally.There aren't much of them upstairs.Although I've got to admit the more talented ones are upstairs.The form 2's.*laughs laughs* Well,i think the art of shuffling has been kinda contaminated.These are the pros...
But honestly some sicko's at school have made it look really ugly.Some of them are brave enough to put it up on Youtube.If there's any award for them to win it might be the Most Thick-Faced Shuffler. Weird.Calling them shufflers ain't right,u know.But i know some who are really good in it.Pei Sheong and Damoderan from my school are pretty talented u know.Just an extra few more years of good training.It can take them somewhere...Most of us must have heard of our shuffle maestro Eow Dick Shern..omgoodness.I really didnt want to say this but..PLZ,STOP SHUFFLING !! And thank goodness,he has..He was sort of doing the advanced version of the CHICKEN DANCE !! And look,once u embarresed urself infront of everyone.They'll remember u for life..cause nowadays,people only acknowledge ur weaknesses and your sucky moments.For example,ME !!!!! Anyway,i can understand the sensation of shuffling but i think it has taken over a little too much of some people e.g. JONATHAN ANGGAT. Shuffling is a cool art form of hip hop dance but it is getting on my nerve , i dont know why.Its my problem anyway.. And one more thing that's taken over alot of people in my class and many other classes as well.COINS !!! Damn it..they use them to shoot each other's coin.The worst thing is they use my desk to play em' and it's driving me crazy.Im considerate enough not to report this stupid game to Mr.See.But if this gets over the board,it leaves me with no alternatives. Oh well.I really should be doing some studying now.Exams nearby.Cheers and Gabyess !!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh I Don't Know.

Hey guys.An update after some time.Hahahahaa.Me and my blog..teehee.People say i've been pretty "high" recently.Oh wells..Well,school has been a bit tough recently and I FELL SICK AGAIN ! Omg..didnt go school for two good days.Monday was horrid,really.But Tuesday i was actually in a good shape for school but mum insisted on staying at home so i went..what the heck,i'll jz tk advantage,if thats what she wants.LOLSS !! Shuwen was sick.Mei Hung also.I heard she had dengue ? Pity her.Please pray for her well-being.Jae was recently healed i think and so is the rest.Oh yes.On my last post on WOW Night.I didnt had the chance to show u my team photo.Sorry.Having some problems with the uploading process.I'll try to work it out anyway. I WANNA JOIN BAND.Damn it,please mum ! Dont cha guys think if I have a dream.I should pursue it rather than sitting there waiting for someone to just shatter them just because of their own opinion ? Yea ? the end.What i love doing would still be WHAT I LOVE DOING.I wanna embark on this whole new thing,ya know ? Sometimes,i wish old ppl can comprehend.Wonder y........ Neways,i've had some quarrels with Ruth,but we're all okayy now after some good discussion and explaining.So,one burden off the shoulder.Oh wells..what else what else.Hmm,sang for sien son yesterday at imyf meeting.Cool worship session this time.As usual..Sien Son and his power to worship.Hahaahaha. Oh.And i wanna watch DEATHRACE.Who wants to come along ?

Monday, September 1, 2008

WOW Nite

W.O.W Nite was a blast ! Hallelujah !!! My team used to be ROckSolid.It's know known as Eat.Sleep.Worship .Kewl name huh ? Thx to Jae R, we sounded so cool !!! Hahaahha.Had the M'sian touch to the whole worship purpose thingy.Hahaha.Anyway,we were extremely hyped that day.I bought cute t's for all of us to wear.RM 10 and i had 8 members in my team.Just enough..hahaha..thx to Megan for fetching me.I got to Kimi and got em'.Anyway..the time came and everything was looking a little messed up.But we made it finally..Hey,Megan's hard work is not gonna get thrown away jux lyk dat.Hahaha. Well,we got up to a good start.My team rocked,i mean.We rocked the church.We rocked Christ.I felt his presence that night and I am CONVINCED,something big is rushing on its way to land on this church.AMEN !!!! LOLXXX. Anyway,i recently caught a movie.Money No Enough 2.A mixture of hilarious moment and real touching occasions that would definitely bring down any cold heart to tears.Watch it,kaes ? I'm going off now.Gabyes.