Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Ending To A Great Misery =D


The time has indeed arrived ! To praise and THANK THE LORD for selaras tiga is OFFICIALLY
dead.lolx...very happy ending anyway...

Second day of Selaras report :-
*English-I saw an A on my answer sheet even before i started ( lolx )
*P.Moral-Big potential for an A.
*Science-Did my best.Love the topic i had to study.So far the best topic i've studied
*Sej-Hardest of the day but still do-ABLE.

It's been all a bit stressful so far la.But the thing that scares me the most are other road i HAVE to take in future.Route form 3,form 4 and form 5.Another 3 scary years until i reach the highway.Where would i wanna turn ( which course wud i wanna venture in )
BIG QUESTIONS to be answered.Nowadays,time flies in a blink of an eye.It's working every second and once u know it.Im sitting on the table ready for SPM.Lolx,that's like 3 years from now.But 3 years is like 3 simple steps until THEN.

Lol.u know wad ? I think i should just CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAXXXXX


Anyway.W.O.W Night is coming soon and we the RockDSolids are struggling with our song choices.Initally the chosen ones were Consuming Fire and King Of Majesty.Both denial by Megan Kong for these songs have been played in our weekly youth meetings.And i can respect her decision that she wants us to expose songs we seldom here.There are actually many beautiful songs we dun get to perform in youth.Namely ------
a)Came To My Rescue-Hillsong
b)Living For-P Shakers
c)Open The Eyes of My Heart-Sonicflood
d)God Above-Hillsong
e)Reflector-P Shakers...

Bottom line....................................LOTS OF EM'...................................
Well,im currently looking on One Way and Came To The Rescue as subs to the initial songs we chose !!!!
Another thing is Tan Chuan Sheng from my youth plays ROCKIN COOL music with the guitar.I wanna ask him to come and guide us and if possible play for us considering his amazing talents with the strings !!!!!!

RockDSolid seems to be a pretttyy weird name though.
Im thinking of the name CLIMATE,CLIMATEM ???? ULDIMATE ( ULTIMATE )
Any cool ideas wud be much appreciated...............

GTG NW.tmr got first practise with the whole team.hoping 4 da best !!!
Aites,gabyes !!


Jamielicious said...

Hahaha~!!! Writing a blog for your sista?!?! Man, I'm honored ya! =P
And hey, you've changed your blog layout!

Neway, Imma a bit confuse with what on earth is SELARAS TIGA??? Isit a set of exams you have to sit or isit just a semester???

And yo~ reminder... dun be too OVER confident yo~! Been there, got the opposite, and it SUX!!! Better be sure than never ya.. *winks*

PageS AnD PageS said...

tlolx.well,ur lyk the only reader.
At least its a way for you to stay in touch with the recent happenings i'm experiencing right.
Lolxies !!!

Selaras Tiga is a monthly test.
Brings 10% to my end year exam.
And yea,k.thx for 4 advice

Shuwen said...

does all the ELS presidents sound like this ?
i striahgtened my hair. weeeeeeeee
oh, and im not going for W.O.W
mainly cos i still dnno hw to play :D