Thursday, August 21, 2008

Places I Love.

Jesus,You Are My Best Friend.And Nothing Would Ever Change That.

Yes,I remember.This was the theme song for that life changing camp held last year.Anyway,i woke up early this morning and got to church at 8.20.I wanted to spend a little alone time with myself at church ,you know.Just looking back at the past memories and experiences i have cultivated since that camp i attended last year.

IMYF Multipurpose Room and MEEEE.. :))))

Our weekly imyf meetings are usually held in here.Practises 4 WOW Night have been held here.So,it's place with some sentimental value.tsk tsk.LOL. Ah,'s been 10 months that I have been actively participating and attending various talks,sessions,camps etc.I can say that I've learned alot as has been somewhere that I am able to relax those tired muscles and brain cells.It's nice being alone at church once in awhile.If u guys are come this church,try it out sumday.Trust releases the stress a little. Oh,moving on...............................

I went out to eat with Channin's motor.Outside only wadd.He drive quite fast actually well,not too long after that Alvin arrived and so we got to some practise.But the sad thing is,alvin was the first to come and the first to go back home too.So,no one came.But i had quite a time jamming with the Form 4's.HIT THE NOTES,is their group name.Hehehe.. They were playing these two songs.------TESTIFY-------- ------CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU---

Im not too sure about the second song's title,actually..hahahahaha. Anyway,they are a bunch of excellent musicians so i wish them all the best ! Teehee ..:))))

One more thing,u know the can drink SHANDY ?? Yea,the drink with a little of alcohol but much much more of LEMON.Hahahahaha..Yea,it's out with a new flavour now.APPLE addition.Not bad actually,u know. Lol,anyway..Megan fetching me to church l8r at night.I cant wait to see the progression of Dennis' drama practise.It's gonna be some good laughing exp to be collected. Right,tk care all.Gabyes.

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