Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part 2-Nelycia's Birthday

First things first

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELYCIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.Boy o' boy..its been so long and finally it has been celebrated and over.
All those money collected past few months were all worth it,man !!
Jeez,i can still rmbr the smile on her face.It's as if it's unerasable..hahaha

Well,this has been a plan we've been planning for months ( i came up with it )
and thanks to Ruthie and Jessy plus some other good fella's..this party worked out.

Hahaha..I had to walk all the way from Taman Bunga Raya to Wonderful Gift with Jessy to buy the teddy bear i've been longing to give her.Compared to my last year's pen that i gave her as a present.This time it was a much much much more meaningful one ( came from the bottom of my heart ) =D..

Dunwan,tell u guys more bout it's features.Hahaha..
But i can tell u wad i bought on the behalf of jae rwen n kenny..
this little octopus thingy.Very cute twinggling legs all around..hahahahaha

Then had to stop by 7 Eleven buy drinks then must go church ambik beg cuz i left it there due to my absent-mindedsy

Then when we reached home,others were there AND NELYCIA LOOKED VERY HAPPY THEN..

These were the few pics

-they all were getting ready for a game of COncentration-

As u can see,Nicole came as well..=D..Tzanks to me and Jae R, Chee can enjoy..teehee

Oh,and i have a new nick name for Nicole..it's Coco !! Hahaahah Apparently,Jessy was tired..didnt wanna tk pics yet.Maybe she's jz shy.

Everyone was cam-shy..even Ruth.wtff ??

Well..anyway..here's the BIRTHDAY GIRL !!

The YUMMY cake Jessy bought from Secret Recipe.( It was seriously good )

Awww..she's so happy =D
Well.everyone had a good time and I did as well.Seeing her so happy made me happy as well.
Thats been all about my hectic weekend.


Jamielicious said...

Oooooooooo~ So this is Nelycia hor~~~~

IvaNLoO said...

Yes and why ??


Jamielicious said...

U know why, I know why lah... (^^)


IvaNLoO said...

Uuuhhh,i know WHY ??
Oh,oh..k..i knw why,RRIIGHT..
Wad do u think ?