Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joy ! Joy ! Joy !

HEY PEOPLE ! Golly, holiday season has been very very busy ! Let's see..there's church activity here, and another one there and oh wait ! Another one here ! Lawl ! Yeap, it's been all about church church church and CHURCH this past few weeks of some sweet awesome HOLIDAYS ! Really happy with the past few events. I recently purchased on a new acoustic guitar ( F310 YAMAHA ). It's a suitable one for beginners like me and im dying to just jam with it all day long ! Got it already and i've been working very hard night and day whenever there's a chance considering the tight schedule with church activities. Well, for me personally this year church end year activities are divided to caroling practises, musical dance practises, musical choir practises !! It's been really really busy and sometimes you wonder " Oh Geez, it's so hard and tiring but look..there are people carrying more burdens then I am so MAN UP A BIT,EH ?! Haha. But it's all been extreme fun past few weeks. I've been enjoying the choir pracs with the adults ! Idk why..probably working with older people are good fun especially when u seem them go a little wild and yes OUT, BIG TIME !! Lol. Charles Ling has been great and has been helping alot but his at YLDP camp now so Anthony is like the one I am looking up to..but there's Uncle Jeff and another friendly uncle =) !! I just like all the pracs..caroling & dance !! There's been alot of togetherness and it brings up all the purpose and reasons to why we're doing this ! It's for GOD of course and we're all reallly grateful to have time of fellowship to work together and bond as a team to serve as God's children but sometimes we or perhaps I tend to forget God for all the good things he has granted us. He has indeed been hearing our prayers =) Caroling has been awesome ! More people coming ! And my team the TENORS , has been WOOHOOOOO !! Yeap, u knw what I mean dont cha ?

Anyway, not many has signed up recently so it will be a one night caroling event for all of us. A bit dissapointed but oh well, whatever we got's best we cherish ! Lols ! Dance practises has been a bit tiring but verrry happy to be doing it with others lah ! Hahahaha. Pat's back so yea. buck up ppl ! Lols. We're all enjoying this season and oh yea ! CAMP'S COMING THIS SUNDAY ! CANT WAIT ! TILL MY NEXT UPDATE. BYE !

Monday, November 24, 2008


LOL ! HEY PEEPS !'s been a horribly long time since I've updated my blog. Im really sorry but like most of u guys knw computer CaPlang wan ! Zadao* ended like a week ago i assume and yikes IM SO GONNA MISS IT ! Haha.Being form 2 was SWEEEEETTT..But anyways, Im really glad i manage to maintain being at A1 next year. I worked hard actually. Something I never realised I had in me. Lolss.But of course.Cud have done much betterr..Anywaaayy ! Im here NEXT YEAR ! YAY YAY YAY ! Lolsss.

Church has been awesome recently.Loads of caroling,choir and dance practise.Very very busy !! Lols. Besides, I've got ntg to do at home.PUHHLEASEE ! Im in choir for musical just so u knw. Damn, have u heard Charles Ling & Anthony Ling sing ? Darn it.When they sing "HALLELUJAH".Im like JEEEZZZZ !! Hahhaa.But i manage to cope with it lah although I need alot of good voice training. Caroling has been off da hook usual. It brings u the bits n bits of christmas joy ya knw ! Jeez, sad u wont be here to celeb wid me. But anyway ! Tk care there you siaoted but loveable sis ! Musical dance has been major nowadays with the practises just splashing at me like that. Lord jesus ! Help ME !!!..argh..Anyway,let us all enjoy this holiday season,arite ?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shuwen's Birthday Outing 08

Just a quick update about Shuwen's awesome hangout event that took place at fullpan. Well her birthday was on the 16th but since that was in the midst of exams ! We didnt had the opportunity to celeb so why nt celeb ltr right ? So anyway. The guys went cuckhoo with the darts at fullpan.Lols.

This was the LingBena steak I had at fullpan.YES,Lingbena steak.Her dad's close to the Fullpan's manager.How cool huh ? If it was me..Ivansteak ? LooLoo steak ? LYK DREAM ON DUDE !

Lols..Anyway !! Eugene was there and Shu was all delighted ! I told u he wud come right ?!! See,thanks to me ! He came..lols...Im such a darling,aint I ? Anyway.That's basically it.And since so many of us came. We had a very hard time counting the bill ! Lols.We spent like idk..15 minutes counting ? I mean..I came to eat not do Maths ! Hahahaha.

Lalalalalalal.Neways Shuwen..HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY ! Wish you all the best,kaes ?!! Geez,arent we all just growing up FAST !!

So we hatta go back and in the end only Charles,Me,Ken left waiting for our parents lors.Us with our shoes.Hahah.

Charles,Me,Ken !!! And Ken was wearing his "FASHIONABLE" school shoes ! Hahaha.How inovative,eh ?

Dats all peeps.Tc and gabyes !

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm in Rush Hour!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hell,heaven,earth.I seriously feel like im in Rush Hour,man..just a little bit more relax ( not right to be,actually ).Exams are like around the corner and all I have prepared is my lunchbox.Which means,i've just started with some basics.

I've only accomplished Sej and Geo form 2 but honestly all is going out because I simply tak boleh absorb all those worthless facts.Especially Geography.It's killing alot of us.Lolss..
KH only 1 chapter i did..Science 2 chapter nia..Seni..zilt :)))...Moral..havent started..Sivik..aah,wtf..!!!
See,horrible right ? Aah,bambo bambo bambo..
I just recently invited Eugene for a swim at Perak river to maintain our sterility.Didn't you know swimming in water without pants on will help in your fertility.It keeps ALL SYSTEMS RUNNING,lol ! Put in a scientific perspective,wont u ppl ? Dont be SENGET mah ! *shakes head*
Lols..and Eug said C FIRST AS IF !!! Hahaha..Honestly,i've got alot of good times during kindergarden and after being drifted apart for a horrifying long period.Im catching up lah with him.He's really cranky and funny man ! Lols..
No wonder that someone is INLOVE..he's got CHARACTER,man.And Rq Nadal,you suck !!!
I love banana' you ??
Gotta run,gabyes.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


jana !!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well,ntg much to post about this time.Just some recent events and happenings,though.Last Sunday,i had the chance to go to Pizza Hut for Jude's Bday party.It was pretty cool,actually.Plus,it was a pretty last minute decision cause I wasnt certain if I wanted to go or not..but I was thinking,"it's just a once in awhile time out with friends so,why not".Anyway,it was free food cause he had vouchers..LOLS.I actually thought he was either super rich or super generous.Turns out,got voucherss..lolx,what a better way to do it,right ? Hahahahaha.Well,b4 the whole party..there were still loads of time.So,rather than waiting in the stupid parlour.I was thinking,we should walk to the nearby THE STALL to get him a gift.*didnt get one cause it was last minute,kaes.* So yea,we shared the present and it was a pwwweety lookin' shirt,actually !!!
After that,we walked to Pizza Hut again and there many people there already so we settled and handed over our present and sat down to feast.We had loads of stuff.Tuna,Royal Masala..or is it Malasa ? Wtfff..bread stick and those other usual stuffs..

Later.We decided it would be a great idea to catch a movie.We were finding it a hard time to choose between Death Race and Meet Dave.But,we all thought Meed Dave would be a good laugh so we all walked there lorhs.15 of us, ya know ?
It felt like a ROMBONGAN.Weird as it can be.Anyway,we got there and found out Meet Dave was at 1.00 and it was 3.00 just now.So,we said..hey,lets go for Deathrace which was 3.00.And therefore,we got 14 tickets and got in.I still have that long list of tickets.Hahahaha..So,we got in very unorganized.There were some of them who were so noisy,seriously.Wouldnt want to BAD MOUTH em' but..anyway,u guys seem like u guys have never been to a cinema before !!!! Hahaha.Sorryy..
But,the show was an awesome one,i gotta give it to them.But it's not for everyone anyway.People who wont mind feasting their eyes to a little aggresion and killing scences would find it amusing.
Shud really try watching it.I've been watching A LOT of movies recently and my next one would be High School Musical 3.
Well,basically.My sister who had just completed her UPSR is lyk UBER-FREE now.So,she is calling some of her friends to watch it with her this coming OCTOBER.So,im just some form of companion to all of those girls.Anyway,i think Shuwen is coming too,right ? So at least,it wouldnt be too dodgy for me.Lols.
Oh oh.And I heard that Brad Pitt and A Jolie has donated U$ 1 million to some fund raising campaign thingy in Zimbabwe.Woah,look at that..
Anyway..stay close with my blog,arites ? Tc and gabyes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Delights..

Wow.It's not like I get hooked up with boy bands but this particular one really caught my attention.


An awesome combination of music-talent,looks,charisma and their love for music.Gawwsh, me PERSONALLY.their song has so totally changed music.Their songs like Burning Up,Play My Music,When You Look Me In The Eye,Year 3000,Just a little Bit Longer...these songs say alot of things you know. Well..they've actually been around for good period of time it was just a matter of time that they were going to be noticed.One thing I realise about this awesome band is their coordination when they perform on stage.They just let music take the way and use them in it's OWN liking. Kevin,the one who plays the string is an example of a true and genuine lover of music..Nick and Joe.Both possesses a certain particular style of their own that attracts girls and suprisingly the one of the same gender.I mean,not sexually..but it's their way of heating things up on stage that makes a guy even fascinate em'.U catch me ? So,yeaa..I mean..if u arent really an ardent fan of the Jonas Brothers.Give them a shot to change music for you,okayy ? At least I know it has to me.

Oh yea.Did you know its so so advisable to really really clean ur toothbrush thoroughly everytime u use it.I mean,most people are so ignorant that they just brush it off with some water and let it there.Because research proves that 80% of bacteria comes from YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.Not those on your teeth..So,yea..just some dumb tip for u TEETH CLEANERS !!! LMAOssss..And jamie loo ! Somehow..I miss you lots.It's shame u wont be making it back to Msia this time around..*sniff sniff* Anyhow.To my blog readers,take care and have an excellent weekend.Gabyes..