Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm in Rush Hour!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hell,heaven,earth.I seriously feel like im in Rush Hour,man..just a little bit more relax ( not right to be,actually ).Exams are like around the corner and all I have prepared is my lunchbox.Which means,i've just started with some basics.

I've only accomplished Sej and Geo form 2 but honestly all is going out because I simply tak boleh absorb all those worthless facts.Especially Geography.It's killing alot of us.Lolss..
KH only 1 chapter i did..Science 2 chapter nia..Seni..zilt :)))...Moral..havent started..Sivik..aah,wtf..!!!
See,horrible right ? Aah,bambo bambo bambo..
I just recently invited Eugene for a swim at Perak river to maintain our sterility.Didn't you know swimming in water without pants on will help in your fertility.It keeps ALL SYSTEMS RUNNING,lol ! Put in a scientific perspective,wont u ppl ? Dont be SENGET mah ! *shakes head*
Lols..and Eug said C FIRST AS IF !!! Hahaha..Honestly,i've got alot of good times during kindergarden and after being drifted apart for a horrifying long period.Im catching up lah with him.He's really cranky and funny man ! Lols..
No wonder that someone is INLOVE..he's got CHARACTER,man.And Rq Nadal,you suck !!!
I love banana' you ??
Gotta run,gabyes.

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