Monday, October 27, 2008

Shuwen's Birthday Outing 08

Just a quick update about Shuwen's awesome hangout event that took place at fullpan. Well her birthday was on the 16th but since that was in the midst of exams ! We didnt had the opportunity to celeb so why nt celeb ltr right ? So anyway. The guys went cuckhoo with the darts at fullpan.Lols.

This was the LingBena steak I had at fullpan.YES,Lingbena steak.Her dad's close to the Fullpan's manager.How cool huh ? If it was me..Ivansteak ? LooLoo steak ? LYK DREAM ON DUDE !

Lols..Anyway !! Eugene was there and Shu was all delighted ! I told u he wud come right ?!! See,thanks to me ! He came..lols...Im such a darling,aint I ? Anyway.That's basically it.And since so many of us came. We had a very hard time counting the bill ! Lols.We spent like idk..15 minutes counting ? I mean..I came to eat not do Maths ! Hahahaha.

Lalalalalalal.Neways Shuwen..HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY ! Wish you all the best,kaes ?!! Geez,arent we all just growing up FAST !!

So we hatta go back and in the end only Charles,Me,Ken left waiting for our parents lors.Us with our shoes.Hahah.

Charles,Me,Ken !!! And Ken was wearing his "FASHIONABLE" school shoes ! Hahaha.How inovative,eh ?

Dats all peeps.Tc and gabyes !

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