Monday, November 24, 2008


LOL ! HEY PEEPS !'s been a horribly long time since I've updated my blog. Im really sorry but like most of u guys knw computer CaPlang wan ! Zadao* ended like a week ago i assume and yikes IM SO GONNA MISS IT ! Haha.Being form 2 was SWEEEEETTT..But anyways, Im really glad i manage to maintain being at A1 next year. I worked hard actually. Something I never realised I had in me. Lolss.But of course.Cud have done much betterr..Anywaaayy ! Im here NEXT YEAR ! YAY YAY YAY ! Lolsss.

Church has been awesome recently.Loads of caroling,choir and dance practise.Very very busy !! Lols. Besides, I've got ntg to do at home.PUHHLEASEE ! Im in choir for musical just so u knw. Damn, have u heard Charles Ling & Anthony Ling sing ? Darn it.When they sing "HALLELUJAH".Im like JEEEZZZZ !! Hahhaa.But i manage to cope with it lah although I need alot of good voice training. Caroling has been off da hook usual. It brings u the bits n bits of christmas joy ya knw ! Jeez, sad u wont be here to celeb wid me. But anyway ! Tk care there you siaoted but loveable sis ! Musical dance has been major nowadays with the practises just splashing at me like that. Lord jesus ! Help ME !!!..argh..Anyway,let us all enjoy this holiday season,arite ?!