Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well,this is an update indeed.But an update about something that happened sometime ago.Btw,do you guys now the meaning of 'humdum','allegory','privy','opulent','condone' ?? Lolx,my vocab have been improving rapidly since i bought that book.Seriously,good book.It's called " SKULLDUGGERY PLEASENT"Yea,it's a weird topic.It's a name of that guy.Detective,sworn enemy of evil and oh yea..DEAD..Many people have been wanting to lend this book from me.Well,guys..I'm taking my time to read want it ? Be patient. Anyway.I bought this book from MPH during a recent trip to Ipoh wift my family.Main reason was to pay my maternal grandmother a visit after sometime.She looks pretty healthy actually.=D Aaaaannyyway,after the visit at Becham,Ipoh.Me and my family proceeded to Jusco.That old place we always go during trips to Ipoh.Well,what can I say.We don't have a SHOPPING MALL back here at Sitiawan accept for this dodgy looking NOT SO GIGANTIC "Giant".Hahaha..Anyway,i bought shirts at Jusco.Not bad actually
This is the book I bought.

teehee..that children's book thingy there and the number 9 ( it means 9/10 , k ! ) Not 9 years and above cuz thats jux WRONG ! Haha Anyway,during the time at Jusco also had time to makan-makan at food court.I had this wonderful peanut pancake.Exquisite !! ( oh i drank ice lemon tea )
Before going back.we discovered it was right ? Dad had to hurried out to get the car.Lolx !!

Boy,it was a mess getting in the car.Obviously wet but made it =D PHEWWW''...
Well,Ipoh was indeed something. So this is just another update.

Another thing is WOW NIGHT is on the 30th Of August.This Saturday at 7.30 until 11.00.It's a c oncert of those teens like me from this church performing worship songs.It will be a great time for worship for all those christians and for the nons.I tell u wad,give christ A SHOT,wud ya ? Pls,come and come.Support me and friends even if u dont expect anything from this event,k ? God Bless and expecting to see packs of ppl there..heeee :)) GABYES.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Places I Love.

Jesus,You Are My Best Friend.And Nothing Would Ever Change That.

Yes,I remember.This was the theme song for that life changing camp held last year.Anyway,i woke up early this morning and got to church at 8.20.I wanted to spend a little alone time with myself at church ,you know.Just looking back at the past memories and experiences i have cultivated since that camp i attended last year.

IMYF Multipurpose Room and MEEEE.. :))))

Our weekly imyf meetings are usually held in here.Practises 4 WOW Night have been held here.So,it's place with some sentimental value.tsk tsk.LOL. Ah,'s been 10 months that I have been actively participating and attending various talks,sessions,camps etc.I can say that I've learned alot as has been somewhere that I am able to relax those tired muscles and brain cells.It's nice being alone at church once in awhile.If u guys are come this church,try it out sumday.Trust releases the stress a little. Oh,moving on...............................

I went out to eat with Channin's motor.Outside only wadd.He drive quite fast actually well,not too long after that Alvin arrived and so we got to some practise.But the sad thing is,alvin was the first to come and the first to go back home too.So,no one came.But i had quite a time jamming with the Form 4's.HIT THE NOTES,is their group name.Hehehe.. They were playing these two songs.------TESTIFY-------- ------CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU---

Im not too sure about the second song's title,actually..hahahahaha. Anyway,they are a bunch of excellent musicians so i wish them all the best ! Teehee ..:))))

One more thing,u know the can drink SHANDY ?? Yea,the drink with a little of alcohol but much much more of LEMON.Hahahahaha..Yea,it's out with a new flavour now.APPLE addition.Not bad actually,u know. Lol,anyway..Megan fetching me to church l8r at night.I cant wait to see the progression of Dennis' drama practise.It's gonna be some good laughing exp to be collected. Right,tk care all.Gabyes.

Latest Movie Report.

Hey fella's.I think im a little addicted to my blog.I can't stop posting,seriously !!!!!!!!!!


Anyway,i guess dat helps my consistency in blogging,right ?

-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#Fast forward-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#-#

Today was movie day !! Wanted to watch Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Tooked this poster of the show at the cinema.

Sry,it's a little cacat cuz of it's positioning.But anyway..before the movie.

Went to the washroom and did a little CAMWHORING..

Hahaha..silly silly us..

Anyway,movie was okayy.From my perpective,i thought Wall.E edged Star Wars a little.Star Wars' graphic wasnt really good to be perfectly honest but the storyline was okayy larh.It's about a battle between two parties.The group of Jedi's are the good one ( they're in the republic ).And one of them is Skywalker.AwesomeLY cool guy.Tell u guys,if i were as cool as this guy i wouldnt have to be living & eating hor fan or kiam chai no more.Lols.

Well,basically.It's a good show lah.Wasnt really expecting TOO MUCH.Satisfied in other words.It wouldnt be a waste of time to watch it guys,especially the holidays are wrapping up rapidly.Omgawsh..few more days only and my folio has to be completed.*no worries* :))))

Anyway,check it out,right ? Tk care


Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Holiday Happenings..^_^

Hey guys,it's Wednesday,the 20th of August.It has been a fine day indeed.

Now,concerning WOW Night..We're doing pretty fine at this point.Playing absolutely satisfactory music and all have been quite co-operative.Hahax.

And ummmm,today...Kenny,Jae,Chee,Charles came to my house to do sum discussion about Geography Folio.With the help of mum,I found it absolutely easy to handle this folio..haha.
I think by Friday or tmr can 'gou dim' d..hehe..We're doing the topic "PETEMPATAN"
Guess one of my advantage is having my mum being a Geo teacher.Make things much easier for me.Hehex..helped Charlie a little with it then we played Ping Pong and Badminton..
Hahahaa,,we were playing King of The Table..Chee totally dominated.We were like flash and go.
Lolxxx..We called ourselves King of Congo ( Kenn ) ,King of Japan ( Jae ),King of Nigeria ( Charlie ) and King Of Korea ( Ivan )..Chee was King Of Outer Space ( who camed here with Monkey Airlines..)


And then,they all balik rumah lorhs,cuz wanna go church d for WOW Night Practise.hahaxx
I got there..makan with chee for awhile cuz we were quite early aden i went first lorh,cuz i saw Nely came d..hahahaha..

Then went inside..straight away practise King Of Majesty ( this song we all really really good in it,but Megan gave some EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT suggestions that would definitely be a part of or performance so THANK YOU Megan !!! Teehee :)) Came To My Rescue as usual is the shaky one..we're suffering with some problems.Ruth have some issues with the key of the song.
Pity im thinking of subbing the song with Who Am I sung by Casting Crowns..
Heard bout it,guys ? Check it out at youtube or any other music-like webs.
Plus,i can sing that song pweety,haha..give it a shot lorhs !!!

Then after practise..i went down to see Delia's team perform..hahaha..and we were also discussing bout the drama Dennis is going to direct.I tell u ah !! This Dennis story got many funny aspects.Funny until no words can describe,wei !!!

Got old man..Chang Jun with guitar fight with gangster la.Seriously stupidddd..hahahaa..
But,he's imagination them CUN !! Hahaha..Im coming with megan to church to see how it's gonna work out with it's first practise..teehee =D

Aden hor..Nely going back alone u know.She wasnt cycling dis time..she was walking.Clinton called me to go budden..i also a little,i asked Kenny to 4llow lo.
Then i used Chew's bike to follow her lorh.Kenny talk so much sed i noob and this and that.
I was like stfu,man !!!
I was keeping a distance marhs.So,dont have to freak her out or something.Hahaha.
So in the end she got back save and sound and then i said Bye and she also said Bye lor.
Then both also smilling lo.Very happy..but taking it slow.It's call PROGRESSION.


Aden..went back to church lor sing few worship songs then come back and here i am..posting bout today's events.=D...Many stuff ritess ? Hahaha
Oh ya,have u guys watched Wall.E ?? Yea,it's a hilarious show..Wall.E is so friggin' cute..
Trust me,Wall.E is so romantic u know..go and watch aden u will comprehend what im blabbing here..hahaha..
I wanna watch Star Wars:The Clone Wars..mum going there one day of this week.Calling they all go with me too..teehee..

Rite,guess that's my days event larhs.Gtg now.Kip In Touch.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part 2-Nelycia's Birthday

First things first

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELYCIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.Boy o' boy..its been so long and finally it has been celebrated and over.
All those money collected past few months were all worth it,man !!
Jeez,i can still rmbr the smile on her face.It's as if it's unerasable..hahaha

Well,this has been a plan we've been planning for months ( i came up with it )
and thanks to Ruthie and Jessy plus some other good fella's..this party worked out.

Hahaha..I had to walk all the way from Taman Bunga Raya to Wonderful Gift with Jessy to buy the teddy bear i've been longing to give her.Compared to my last year's pen that i gave her as a present.This time it was a much much much more meaningful one ( came from the bottom of my heart ) =D..

Dunwan,tell u guys more bout it's features.Hahaha..
But i can tell u wad i bought on the behalf of jae rwen n kenny..
this little octopus thingy.Very cute twinggling legs all around..hahahahaha

Then had to stop by 7 Eleven buy drinks then must go church ambik beg cuz i left it there due to my absent-mindedsy

Then when we reached home,others were there AND NELYCIA LOOKED VERY HAPPY THEN..

These were the few pics

-they all were getting ready for a game of COncentration-

As u can see,Nicole came as well..=D..Tzanks to me and Jae R, Chee can enjoy..teehee

Oh,and i have a new nick name for's Coco !! Hahaahah Apparently,Jessy was tired..didnt wanna tk pics yet.Maybe she's jz shy.

Everyone was cam-shy..even Ruth.wtff ??'s the BIRTHDAY GIRL !!

The YUMMY cake Jessy bought from Secret Recipe.( It was seriously good )

Awww..she's so happy =D
Well.everyone had a good time and I did as well.Seeing her so happy made me happy as well.
Thats been all about my hectic weekend.

Part 1-ELS Night

Hey fella's..last Saturday was ELS Night.It was some good fun.Took loads of pics but darn lazy to upload all.If u wanna take a sneak peak.U can alwiz visit my friendster profile and check out the ELS Night 08 Album i got all ready..

But here's a few of em' -Teck Keong and me-

Here's those who came to my house to get ready and all.See what's vincent wearing ?

Yea yea,thats the attire i wore 4 last year's els nite.He looks good in it,aint ya think so ?

Then we went on,i fetched Jessy,Shu and Elaine.And i was on time.Miracle !! Hahahahaha

Went there and was waiting for Eugene to come and i had to be a gentleman and help someone to call him call call,no one answered.So i wasted all together bout 5-8 minutes listening to a ringtone that doesnt end.Turned out,he had no TRANSPORT.

Sad case,huh ? Not for me though..


Then the show started n stuff.Had some weird speeches.Very short and all.Wasnt reli paying attention.Was talking bout phones and cams with kenn,jae and shu.hahaha..

After that,pergi ambil makanan.Seriously so unlucky.I took the sweet bun d,took the spagetti d,took the kuah for spagetti d,took the sotong d,took the vegs d.then when i wanted to take my cutleries.It had to fall from my plate.I was like !@#$%^&*

CRAPPP ! So,i had two sotongs left and went back to my table.Sat down and just watched them eat.I wasnt reli hungry neways...

Budden,i took some chicken after that and some soup.So,just enough to make it thru the night.


And den,got this seriously CRAPPY event call Couple Of The Night and Prom Queen&King.

I didnt really knw the diff but wth..

this were the pictures..

Lol,couple of the night..Tze Pei and Prashan.

Then Prom King n Queen was this guy and Nisha Kaur.They were very romantic during dance floor hour.Hahaha..swtss

Anyway,while other ppl were going crazy with their dances.I took some pic..

Viveek going wild with his tie ^____^

Me and shuwen lorhs..she looked great dat night.haha

Jae r and me !!!

I did my fair part of dancing.Yuges was insisting and persisting that i danced.I was like..uhh,okayy.

Hey,i dance pretty good,kaes..haha

ANyway,people were really in da mood and most of the indians and punjabi's were dancing their heads off.My gang prefered to be modest and not FLAUNT too much of our breathtaking skills.

Cuz we would have OVERSHADOWED em'..lols

Well,every1 was tired...took a group pic ( BUT I DUN HAVE IT,IN SHU'S CAM )

Then go home liao lorhs..

In the car-as u can see the exhausted Elain.Haha.

Shuwen pretending to be energetic when she was tired.lols..

Well,we had our share of good times lah.Hoped they all enjoyed this night especially the form 1's.

At least,as President now..i can be at peace..teehee =D

It was a great night but it was meaningless cuz she wasnt there..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drama At School.

Lol, i predicted.Seni this week was going to be the worst i have ever experienced and it was indeed true.I was like freaking rushing to do every aspects of my artwork.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wow.Els Night is so darn close d....and i still havent figured out wad to wear la,wei !! Well,i remembered Kiaos Tan having to do a speech last year as President.I really hope i don't have to.Lolx !!!!

Many people have been asking me,is this sum kind of Prom Night where u have to find a couple.Dude and dudesly,cmon..i hate repeating the same things over and over again,it's not going to be one.We'll just go there and eat and have some good time with the music and all,aites ??? Man,i sure hope she's coming !!! Ahahahaha..i mean,whu wudn't,rite ?

Hey,i wanna watch Wall.E !! They say it's a Rated A show at the States ( US ).
So,i'm really looking so forward to watch it.Well,i guess the only disadvantage in the show would be where Wall.E cannot only talk to us through his mind.Hahahaha.No speaking robot this time.But,i cant wait !!! It's coming out tomorrow !! 14th August.I might be going on Fri with friends or maybe my family lorhs...=D

And btw,have any of u watch The Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor.
Not bad,wei...
Seriously rocking show..thou' many people classified it as a poor version of Indiano Jones ( even Indiano Jones wasn't really nice,how cud ya guys !! tsk tsk )
Trust me,even if u don't.Wouldn't u just give this show a chance.I liked it and so did Kenny.
It's about a this seriously cruel emperor that would do almost ANYTHING and to banish ANYTHING infront of him that is againts his will to rule the world.He then realised that he had too many things to do in one lifetime therefore sort out miracles to be immortal.He then discovered a witch ( acted by my relative Mic Yeoh =D ) who was known to be able to do such things.And so,through the times she was studying and sorting out this almost impossible will for someone to live for eternity.And she was always guarded by the emperor's general.
They had some really intimate relationship and that truly angered the emperor.The witch laid a curse on the emperor and all his thousands of armies after they tortured and killed the general,the witches love.
After thousands of years later.Alex O'Connel the son of Rick O'Connel ( Branden Fraser )
dropped out of school without his parents knowledge and went on digging such artifacts and stuff.And when he came across the greatest artifact ever discovered.Things would change 4 his whole family.
They went on a great adventure to finish and to put an end to the emperor's immortality who rised up from the curse.And through the adventures and battles.Alex encoutered the daughter of the witch and the general and both of them fell inlove during the various exhilariting fights.
This adventure also brought the whole Connel family closer to each other especially Father and Son. =D
Well,this show really rocked my day and i hope it does the same to u larhs !!!! =D

Well,im currently awaiting a chance to buy some novels.Last novel was okayy but that was finished a long time ago.Hahahaha.MPH,me want go !!!!

I got my shaggy dog dvd back finally from Sarah.Hahahahaha.
Well,i gotta go now plus my maths homework havent completed yet.Not to worry.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pref Night and the MANY EVENTS !!

Back with another post this time. Guess what.Just after Prefect Night.Here comes ELS Night !!!! Wakakakaka..
Personally,i am assured that this will be much more fun compared to the 5 minute 'time to party' we were provided during Prefect Night.For me,i killed those 5 minutes.Looking at some dumb guy shuffling for like 1 minute or so and looking at chee n nicole departing from each other !!!!! Hahahahahaha..
Sad sad,prefect night didn't take any photos.I like CHARGED my bloody camera for about an 1hour and 15 minutes and i forgotten to take it to the event cause i was rushing plus i had a last minute news that i had to fetch Ravina on my Mercedes.K,my dad's mercedes precisely !!!! =D

Anyway,prefect night was okayy overall.There were portion of times when i saw the word boring spelt everywhere.Sometimes,the atmosphere rises.Like when this time,the form 6's were giving their performances.
Hahahaha,AFIQ jadi pondan !!!!! Sadly,i didnt take any pictures of it ( cuz i didnt bring cam.tsk tsk. )
But anyway,i thought the summit of the whole event was when the form 3's stepped out to perform.
They were doing this sketch called something like "Prefect Got Talent"..copyWRONGED from the show "America Got Talent".Hahahaa..
And uhhh,Ashpal jadi Simon MADcowell , Michelle Wong turn out to be the sweet Paula Abdul and yea,Ashpal was playing another carac which was indeed DA DOG'..Randy Jackssssssoonnn !! Wooh !!
Lol,seriously hilarious.Lazy to tell the whole story but honestly,their drama knocked the heck out of my head.=D
So,thumbs up to them for pulling out a tremendously great performance !!!!!

Well,currently..WOW Night's audition is like on Monday and we're like just bout 40-50% to the OKAY level i'm hopping for.
And p.s.-(For those who hasnt realise what WOW Night is all about.It's a night where members of the Wesley MEthodist Youth form out a few teams to perform and to worship God with some knockout songs..
It ain't NO competition,anyway !! It's just some performances from some of us larhss )

Well,my team RockDSolid are playing Came TO My Rescue and King Of Majesty !!! We're so pumped up now,well at least i am but goodness,i just hope Chee can handle his bass abilities.Not like im underestimating him but a week to learn two songs is SI BEH SUSAH,k !!!! All the best,chee ! Im counting on ya !

And oh oh yea,one more BIGGY.ELS Night approaching.This Saturday,16th August !! Me can't wait.
Have been looking 4ward to this recently and umm,finally it's working out ! Heeeeeeeee : )))
Hoping that some of my fella's will be coming too ! Shuwen,Jessy,Jae,Chee,Charles,Ruth !! NELYCIA PLEASE GO !!!!! =D Yes,please do come.

Haha,have been talking pleasently alot with her lately,and am delighted with it.Ahakz !!! She seems to be the same too..hahahaah

Anyway,theory exam is around the corner and well,i think so far,it's okayy.Though i havent studied any of the italian terms except for some of those i am fond of.
Wells,lets hope 4 the best !!!
Plus,i got a feeling seni this week is gonna suck !
And sometimes,i have been having this weird mood swings.Like now,suddenly i feel so stressed out.
Neways,thats all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

An Ending To A Great Misery =D


The time has indeed arrived ! To praise and THANK THE LORD for selaras tiga is OFFICIALLY
dead.lolx...very happy ending anyway...

Second day of Selaras report :-
*English-I saw an A on my answer sheet even before i started ( lolx )
*P.Moral-Big potential for an A.
*Science-Did my best.Love the topic i had to study.So far the best topic i've studied
*Sej-Hardest of the day but still do-ABLE.

It's been all a bit stressful so far la.But the thing that scares me the most are other road i HAVE to take in future.Route form 3,form 4 and form 5.Another 3 scary years until i reach the highway.Where would i wanna turn ( which course wud i wanna venture in )
BIG QUESTIONS to be answered.Nowadays,time flies in a blink of an eye.It's working every second and once u know it.Im sitting on the table ready for SPM.Lolx,that's like 3 years from now.But 3 years is like 3 simple steps until THEN.

Lol.u know wad ? I think i should just CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAXXXXX


Anyway.W.O.W Night is coming soon and we the RockDSolids are struggling with our song choices.Initally the chosen ones were Consuming Fire and King Of Majesty.Both denial by Megan Kong for these songs have been played in our weekly youth meetings.And i can respect her decision that she wants us to expose songs we seldom here.There are actually many beautiful songs we dun get to perform in youth.Namely ------
a)Came To My Rescue-Hillsong
b)Living For-P Shakers
c)Open The Eyes of My Heart-Sonicflood
d)God Above-Hillsong
e)Reflector-P Shakers...

Bottom line....................................LOTS OF EM'...................................
Well,im currently looking on One Way and Came To The Rescue as subs to the initial songs we chose !!!!
Another thing is Tan Chuan Sheng from my youth plays ROCKIN COOL music with the guitar.I wanna ask him to come and guide us and if possible play for us considering his amazing talents with the strings !!!!!!

RockDSolid seems to be a pretttyy weird name though.
Im thinking of the name CLIMATE,CLIMATEM ???? ULDIMATE ( ULTIMATE )
Any cool ideas wud be much appreciated...............

GTG NW.tmr got first practise with the whole team.hoping 4 da best !!!
Aites,gabyes !!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here i am again with another ivan original.Well,sometimes i feel like im just blogging 4 my sister.
But you know what ? I dont mind that at all. =D

Well,basically.Selaras Tiga is here and after the few weeks of studying i think im doing okayy.
I really hope so,alth0ugh i hafta really admit there were times i prefered laying down then reading abc-s.

Well,today..6th of August was officially the first day of SELARAS TIGA.The subjects that we were being tested today were BAHASA MELAYU,MATHEMATICS,KEMAHIRAN HIDUP and lastly gEOGRaphy !!!!!

Well,the few subjects i favoured today was BM and Geography.Never really found interest in Maths and KH.

There are my personal reviews on how i faired :-

BM-Good try i guess.I never really study BM de..
Maths-All a bit shaky.Not my best
Kemahiran-Easy peast
Geography-Did pretty well i guess.Many people sed they will get B but i have the slightest CONFIDENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea,confidence.Something i lacked during mid year and that explains some of the lousy results but indeed making up to it !!!
Today i will be having BI,Sej,Science and Moral.

Wells,BI is my FORTE so no worries on that
Sejarah,all done and just some polishing to do.
Science,only thing that i havent really made REAL EFFORT yet but WATER AND SOLUTION mua' can do !! =D
Moral,i've always gotten 90+ this year so it's looking pretty gud =D

On Monday,my mum taught me about the interesting facts of Geography.I used to hate it and never really paid real attention to it.But now,i'm starting to see the amount of gold u can get behind the doors of GEOGRAPHY
My mum said Geography is living around you and it's actually pretty true like the land we stand on.It's TANAH PAMAH !! C,i told u we're living within GEOGRAPHY !! =D

Well,studies are looking pretty awesome for the meantime.And am happy about it.Tuition has been a wonderful push to excellence in academics.So yea,things lookin good and all.

Oh wells,i hafta go now and get my BEAUTY DINNER.
Lolx.Mmmmm..I smell curry !!!!!!!!
Gabyes =D