Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wow.Els Night is so darn close d....and i still havent figured out wad to wear la,wei !! Well,i remembered Kiaos Tan having to do a speech last year as President.I really hope i don't have to.Lolx !!!!

Many people have been asking me,is this sum kind of Prom Night where u have to find a couple.Dude and dudesly,cmon..i hate repeating the same things over and over again,it's not going to be one.We'll just go there and eat and have some good time with the music and all,aites ??? Man,i sure hope she's coming !!! Ahahahaha..i mean,whu wudn't,rite ?

Hey,i wanna watch Wall.E !! They say it's a Rated A show at the States ( US ).
So,i'm really looking so forward to watch it.Well,i guess the only disadvantage in the show would be where Wall.E cannot only talk to us through his mind.Hahahaha.No speaking robot this time.But,i cant wait !!! It's coming out tomorrow !! 14th August.I might be going on Fri with friends or maybe my family lorhs...=D

And btw,have any of u watch The Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor.
Not bad,wei...
Seriously rocking show..thou' many people classified it as a poor version of Indiano Jones ( even Indiano Jones wasn't really nice,how cud ya guys !! tsk tsk )
Trust me,even if u don't.Wouldn't u just give this show a chance.I liked it and so did Kenny.
It's about a this seriously cruel emperor that would do almost ANYTHING and to banish ANYTHING infront of him that is againts his will to rule the world.He then realised that he had too many things to do in one lifetime therefore sort out miracles to be immortal.He then discovered a witch ( acted by my relative Mic Yeoh =D ) who was known to be able to do such things.And so,through the times she was studying and sorting out this almost impossible will for someone to live for eternity.And she was always guarded by the emperor's general.
They had some really intimate relationship and that truly angered the emperor.The witch laid a curse on the emperor and all his thousands of armies after they tortured and killed the general,the witches love.
After thousands of years later.Alex O'Connel the son of Rick O'Connel ( Branden Fraser )
dropped out of school without his parents knowledge and went on digging such artifacts and stuff.And when he came across the greatest artifact ever discovered.Things would change 4 his whole family.
They went on a great adventure to finish and to put an end to the emperor's immortality who rised up from the curse.And through the adventures and battles.Alex encoutered the daughter of the witch and the general and both of them fell inlove during the various exhilariting fights.
This adventure also brought the whole Connel family closer to each other especially Father and Son. =D
Well,this show really rocked my day and i hope it does the same to u larhs !!!! =D

Well,im currently awaiting a chance to buy some novels.Last novel was okayy but that was finished a long time ago.Hahahaha.MPH,me want go !!!!

I got my shaggy dog dvd back finally from Sarah.Hahahahaha.
Well,i gotta go now plus my maths homework havent completed yet.Not to worry.

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