Monday, August 11, 2008

Pref Night and the MANY EVENTS !!

Back with another post this time. Guess what.Just after Prefect Night.Here comes ELS Night !!!! Wakakakaka..
Personally,i am assured that this will be much more fun compared to the 5 minute 'time to party' we were provided during Prefect Night.For me,i killed those 5 minutes.Looking at some dumb guy shuffling for like 1 minute or so and looking at chee n nicole departing from each other !!!!! Hahahahahaha..
Sad sad,prefect night didn't take any photos.I like CHARGED my bloody camera for about an 1hour and 15 minutes and i forgotten to take it to the event cause i was rushing plus i had a last minute news that i had to fetch Ravina on my Mercedes.K,my dad's mercedes precisely !!!! =D

Anyway,prefect night was okayy overall.There were portion of times when i saw the word boring spelt everywhere.Sometimes,the atmosphere rises.Like when this time,the form 6's were giving their performances.
Hahahaha,AFIQ jadi pondan !!!!! Sadly,i didnt take any pictures of it ( cuz i didnt bring cam.tsk tsk. )
But anyway,i thought the summit of the whole event was when the form 3's stepped out to perform.
They were doing this sketch called something like "Prefect Got Talent"..copyWRONGED from the show "America Got Talent".Hahahaa..
And uhhh,Ashpal jadi Simon MADcowell , Michelle Wong turn out to be the sweet Paula Abdul and yea,Ashpal was playing another carac which was indeed DA DOG'..Randy Jackssssssoonnn !! Wooh !!
Lol,seriously hilarious.Lazy to tell the whole story but honestly,their drama knocked the heck out of my head.=D
So,thumbs up to them for pulling out a tremendously great performance !!!!!

Well,currently..WOW Night's audition is like on Monday and we're like just bout 40-50% to the OKAY level i'm hopping for.
And p.s.-(For those who hasnt realise what WOW Night is all about.It's a night where members of the Wesley MEthodist Youth form out a few teams to perform and to worship God with some knockout songs..
It ain't NO competition,anyway !! It's just some performances from some of us larhss )

Well,my team RockDSolid are playing Came TO My Rescue and King Of Majesty !!! We're so pumped up now,well at least i am but goodness,i just hope Chee can handle his bass abilities.Not like im underestimating him but a week to learn two songs is SI BEH SUSAH,k !!!! All the best,chee ! Im counting on ya !

And oh oh yea,one more BIGGY.ELS Night approaching.This Saturday,16th August !! Me can't wait.
Have been looking 4ward to this recently and umm,finally it's working out ! Heeeeeeeee : )))
Hoping that some of my fella's will be coming too ! Shuwen,Jessy,Jae,Chee,Charles,Ruth !! NELYCIA PLEASE GO !!!!! =D Yes,please do come.

Haha,have been talking pleasently alot with her lately,and am delighted with it.Ahakz !!! She seems to be the same too..hahahaah

Anyway,theory exam is around the corner and well,i think so far,it's okayy.Though i havent studied any of the italian terms except for some of those i am fond of.
Wells,lets hope 4 the best !!!
Plus,i got a feeling seni this week is gonna suck !
And sometimes,i have been having this weird mood swings.Like now,suddenly i feel so stressed out.
Neways,thats all.


Shuwen said...

and all i rmb is


how dead am i ?

PageS AnD PageS said...

Uhhh..VERY ?..hahahaha
Aiya,cmon..nt everyone can rmbr so many of em' la.I hate italian terms the most..