Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holiday Happenings..^_^

Hey guys,it's Wednesday,the 20th of August.It has been a fine day indeed.

Now,concerning WOW Night..We're doing pretty fine at this point.Playing absolutely satisfactory music and all have been quite co-operative.Hahax.

And ummmm,today...Kenny,Jae,Chee,Charles came to my house to do sum discussion about Geography Folio.With the help of mum,I found it absolutely easy to handle this folio..haha.
I think by Friday or tmr can 'gou dim' d..hehe..We're doing the topic "PETEMPATAN"
Guess one of my advantage is having my mum being a Geo teacher.Make things much easier for me.Hehex..helped Charlie a little with it then we played Ping Pong and Badminton..
Hahahaa,,we were playing King of The Table..Chee totally dominated.We were like flash and go.
Lolxxx..We called ourselves King of Congo ( Kenn ) ,King of Japan ( Jae ),King of Nigeria ( Charlie ) and King Of Korea ( Ivan )..Chee was King Of Outer Space ( who camed here with Monkey Airlines..)


And then,they all balik rumah lorhs,cuz wanna go church d for WOW Night Practise.hahaxx
I got there..makan with chee for awhile cuz we were quite early aden i went first lorh,cuz i saw Nely came d..hahahaha..

Then went inside..straight away practise King Of Majesty ( this song we all really really good in it,but Megan gave some EXCELLENT , EXCELLENT suggestions that would definitely be a part of or performance so THANK YOU Megan !!! Teehee :)) Came To My Rescue as usual is the shaky one..we're suffering with some problems.Ruth have some issues with the key of the song.
Pity im thinking of subbing the song with Who Am I sung by Casting Crowns..
Heard bout it,guys ? Check it out at youtube or any other music-like webs.
Plus,i can sing that song pweety,haha..give it a shot lorhs !!!

Then after practise..i went down to see Delia's team perform..hahaha..and we were also discussing bout the drama Dennis is going to direct.I tell u ah !! This Dennis story got many funny aspects.Funny until no words can describe,wei !!!

Got old man..Chang Jun with guitar fight with gangster la.Seriously stupidddd..hahahaa..
But,he's imagination them CUN !! Hahaha..Im coming with megan to church to see how it's gonna work out with it's first practise..teehee =D

Aden hor..Nely going back alone u know.She wasnt cycling dis time..she was walking.Clinton called me to go budden..i also a little,i asked Kenny to 4llow lo.
Then i used Chew's bike to follow her lorh.Kenny talk so much sed i noob and this and that.
I was like stfu,man !!!
I was keeping a distance marhs.So,dont have to freak her out or something.Hahaha.
So in the end she got back save and sound and then i said Bye and she also said Bye lor.
Then both also smilling lo.Very happy..but taking it slow.It's call PROGRESSION.


Aden..went back to church lor sing few worship songs then come back and here i am..posting bout today's events.=D...Many stuff ritess ? Hahaha
Oh ya,have u guys watched Wall.E ?? Yea,it's a hilarious show..Wall.E is so friggin' cute..
Trust me,Wall.E is so romantic u know..go and watch aden u will comprehend what im blabbing here..hahaha..
I wanna watch Star Wars:The Clone Wars..mum going there one day of this week.Calling they all go with me too..teehee..

Rite,guess that's my days event larhs.Gtg now.Kip In Touch.



Jamielicious said...

Walau~! Follow girl home somemore...
Tsk Tsk Tsk.... Noty noty boy!!!

IvaNLoO said...

Hahaha.I am a gentleman.
Hey,plzz dun tell mum.Im not too serious anyway.
Just escorting a innocent girl back home.hahaha.

Shuwen said...

uh huh.
haha, just escorting a innocent girl back home ?
ooooh, is that just it ?