Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part 1-ELS Night

Hey fella's..last Saturday was ELS Night.It was some good fun.Took loads of pics but darn lazy to upload all.If u wanna take a sneak peak.U can alwiz visit my friendster profile and check out the ELS Night 08 Album i got all ready..

But here's a few of em' -Teck Keong and me-

Here's those who came to my house to get ready and all.See what's vincent wearing ?

Yea yea,thats the attire i wore 4 last year's els nite.He looks good in it,aint ya think so ?

Then we went on,i fetched Jessy,Shu and Elaine.And i was on time.Miracle !! Hahahahaha

Went there and was waiting for Eugene to come and i had to be a gentleman and help someone to call him lorhs...call call call,no one answered.So i wasted all together bout 5-8 minutes listening to a ringtone that doesnt end.Turned out,he had no TRANSPORT.

Sad case,huh ? Not for me though..


Then the show started n stuff.Had some weird speeches.Very short and all.Wasnt reli paying attention.Was talking bout phones and cams with kenn,jae and shu.hahaha..

After that,pergi ambil makanan.Seriously so unlucky.I took the sweet bun d,took the spagetti d,took the kuah for spagetti d,took the sotong d,took the vegs d.then when i wanted to take my cutleries.It had to fall from my plate.I was like !@#$%^&*

CRAPPP ! So,i had two sotongs left and went back to my table.Sat down and just watched them eat.I wasnt reli hungry neways...

Budden,i took some chicken after that and some soup.So,just enough to make it thru the night.


And den,got this seriously CRAPPY event call Couple Of The Night and Prom Queen&King.

I didnt really knw the diff but wth..

this were the pictures..

Lol,couple of the night..Tze Pei and Prashan.

Then Prom King n Queen was this guy and Nisha Kaur.They were very romantic during dance floor hour.Hahaha..swtss

Anyway,while other ppl were going crazy with their dances.I took some pic..

Viveek going wild with his tie ^____^

Me and shuwen lorhs..she looked great dat night.haha

Jae r and me !!!

I did my fair part of dancing.Yuges was insisting and persisting that i danced.I was like..uhh,okayy.

Hey,i dance pretty good,kaes..haha

ANyway,people were really in da mood and most of the indians and punjabi's were dancing their heads off.My gang prefered to be modest and not FLAUNT too much of our breathtaking skills.

Cuz we would have OVERSHADOWED em'..lols

Well,every1 was tired...took a group pic ( BUT I DUN HAVE IT,IN SHU'S CAM )

Then go home liao lorhs..

In the car-as u can see the exhausted Elain.Haha.

Shuwen pretending to be energetic when she was tired.lols..

Well,we had our share of good times lah.Hoped they all enjoyed this night especially the form 1's.

At least,as President now..i can be at peace..teehee =D

It was a great night but it was meaningless cuz she wasnt there..


Jamielicious said...

Fuiyoh~! My brotha so damn "Yau Ying" man!!! (0.0)
Who was ur fashion consultant???

Shuwen said...

thanks for calling :D
Thankyouu :D
eugene said i looked pretty too.