Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here i am again with another ivan original.Well,sometimes i feel like im just blogging 4 my sister.
But you know what ? I dont mind that at all. =D

Well,basically.Selaras Tiga is here and after the few weeks of studying i think im doing okayy.
I really hope so,alth0ugh i hafta really admit there were times i prefered laying down then reading abc-s.

Well,today..6th of August was officially the first day of SELARAS TIGA.The subjects that we were being tested today were BAHASA MELAYU,MATHEMATICS,KEMAHIRAN HIDUP and lastly gEOGRaphy !!!!!

Well,the few subjects i favoured today was BM and Geography.Never really found interest in Maths and KH.

There are my personal reviews on how i faired :-

BM-Good try i guess.I never really study BM de..
Maths-All a bit shaky.Not my best
Kemahiran-Easy peast
Geography-Did pretty well i guess.Many people sed they will get B but i have the slightest CONFIDENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea,confidence.Something i lacked during mid year and that explains some of the lousy results but indeed making up to it !!!
Today i will be having BI,Sej,Science and Moral.

Wells,BI is my FORTE so no worries on that
Sejarah,all done and just some polishing to do.
Science,only thing that i havent really made REAL EFFORT yet but WATER AND SOLUTION mua' can do !! =D
Moral,i've always gotten 90+ this year so it's looking pretty gud =D

On Monday,my mum taught me about the interesting facts of Geography.I used to hate it and never really paid real attention to it.But now,i'm starting to see the amount of gold u can get behind the doors of GEOGRAPHY
My mum said Geography is living around you and it's actually pretty true like the land we stand on.It's TANAH PAMAH !! C,i told u we're living within GEOGRAPHY !! =D

Well,studies are looking pretty awesome for the meantime.And am happy about it.Tuition has been a wonderful push to excellence in academics.So yea,things lookin good and all.

Oh wells,i hafta go now and get my BEAUTY DINNER.
Lolx.Mmmmm..I smell curry !!!!!!!!
Gabyes =D

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Shuwen said...

*yawns* Geo is boring.
Sej is too.
ask Eugene, he failed it

lmao :D