Monday, November 24, 2008


LOL ! HEY PEEPS !'s been a horribly long time since I've updated my blog. Im really sorry but like most of u guys knw computer CaPlang wan ! Zadao* ended like a week ago i assume and yikes IM SO GONNA MISS IT ! Haha.Being form 2 was SWEEEEETTT..But anyways, Im really glad i manage to maintain being at A1 next year. I worked hard actually. Something I never realised I had in me. Lolss.But of course.Cud have done much betterr..Anywaaayy ! Im here NEXT YEAR ! YAY YAY YAY ! Lolsss.

Church has been awesome recently.Loads of caroling,choir and dance practise.Very very busy !! Lols. Besides, I've got ntg to do at home.PUHHLEASEE ! Im in choir for musical just so u knw. Damn, have u heard Charles Ling & Anthony Ling sing ? Darn it.When they sing "HALLELUJAH".Im like JEEEZZZZ !! Hahhaa.But i manage to cope with it lah although I need alot of good voice training. Caroling has been off da hook usual. It brings u the bits n bits of christmas joy ya knw ! Jeez, sad u wont be here to celeb wid me. But anyway ! Tk care there you siaoted but loveable sis ! Musical dance has been major nowadays with the practises just splashing at me like that. Lord jesus ! Help ME !!!..argh..Anyway,let us all enjoy this holiday season,arite ?!


Jamielicious said...

What on earth is "siaoted"????
New manglish vocabulary ar???

Sigh, even Charles Ling also went back for hols d...
I am the "cham" one here... =(

Btw, do u like being emo???

IvaNLoO said...

EMo ? Dont talk to me about emo. dont want to knw that side of me. Neither do I !!
Yea,charles ling is back and we're singing in the musical choir at church together with anthony and some grown ups !! Lols

Jamielicious said...

Dude, I have my reasons for the question!