Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joy ! Joy ! Joy !

HEY PEOPLE ! Golly, holiday season has been very very busy ! Let's see..there's church activity here, and another one there and oh wait ! Another one here ! Lawl ! Yeap, it's been all about church church church and CHURCH this past few weeks of some sweet awesome HOLIDAYS ! Really happy with the past few events. I recently purchased on a new acoustic guitar ( F310 YAMAHA ). It's a suitable one for beginners like me and im dying to just jam with it all day long ! Got it already and i've been working very hard night and day whenever there's a chance considering the tight schedule with church activities. Well, for me personally this year church end year activities are divided to caroling practises, musical dance practises, musical choir practises !! It's been really really busy and sometimes you wonder " Oh Geez, it's so hard and tiring but look..there are people carrying more burdens then I am so MAN UP A BIT,EH ?! Haha. But it's all been extreme fun past few weeks. I've been enjoying the choir pracs with the adults ! Idk why..probably working with older people are good fun especially when u seem them go a little wild and yes OUT, BIG TIME !! Lol. Charles Ling has been great and has been helping alot but his at YLDP camp now so Anthony is like the one I am looking up to..but there's Uncle Jeff and another friendly uncle =) !! I just like all the pracs..caroling & dance !! There's been alot of togetherness and it brings up all the purpose and reasons to why we're doing this ! It's for GOD of course and we're all reallly grateful to have time of fellowship to work together and bond as a team to serve as God's children but sometimes we or perhaps I tend to forget God for all the good things he has granted us. He has indeed been hearing our prayers =) Caroling has been awesome ! More people coming ! And my team the TENORS , has been WOOHOOOOO !! Yeap, u knw what I mean dont cha ?

Anyway, not many has signed up recently so it will be a one night caroling event for all of us. A bit dissapointed but oh well, whatever we got's best we cherish ! Lols ! Dance practises has been a bit tiring but verrry happy to be doing it with others lah ! Hahahaha. Pat's back so yea. buck up ppl ! Lols. We're all enjoying this season and oh yea ! CAMP'S COMING THIS SUNDAY ! CANT WAIT ! TILL MY NEXT UPDATE. BYE !

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