Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well,ntg much to post about this time.Just some recent events and happenings,though.Last Sunday,i had the chance to go to Pizza Hut for Jude's Bday party.It was pretty cool,actually.Plus,it was a pretty last minute decision cause I wasnt certain if I wanted to go or not..but I was thinking,"it's just a once in awhile time out with friends so,why not".Anyway,it was free food cause he had vouchers..LOLS.I actually thought he was either super rich or super generous.Turns out,got voucherss..lolx,what a better way to do it,right ? Hahahahaha.Well,b4 the whole party..there were still loads of time.So,rather than waiting in the stupid parlour.I was thinking,we should walk to the nearby THE STALL to get him a gift.*didnt get one cause it was last minute,kaes.* So yea,we shared the present and it was a pwwweety lookin' shirt,actually !!!
After that,we walked to Pizza Hut again and there many people there already so we settled and handed over our present and sat down to feast.We had loads of stuff.Tuna,Royal Masala..or is it Malasa ? Wtfff..bread stick and those other usual stuffs..

Later.We decided it would be a great idea to catch a movie.We were finding it a hard time to choose between Death Race and Meet Dave.But,we all thought Meed Dave would be a good laugh so we all walked there lorhs.15 of us, ya know ?
It felt like a ROMBONGAN.Weird as it can be.Anyway,we got there and found out Meet Dave was at 1.00 and it was 3.00 just now.So,we said..hey,lets go for Deathrace which was 3.00.And therefore,we got 14 tickets and got in.I still have that long list of tickets.Hahahaha..So,we got in very unorganized.There were some of them who were so noisy,seriously.Wouldnt want to BAD MOUTH em' but..anyway,u guys seem like u guys have never been to a cinema before !!!! Hahaha.Sorryy..
But,the show was an awesome one,i gotta give it to them.But it's not for everyone anyway.People who wont mind feasting their eyes to a little aggresion and killing scences would find it amusing.
Shud really try watching it.I've been watching A LOT of movies recently and my next one would be High School Musical 3.
Well,basically.My sister who had just completed her UPSR is lyk UBER-FREE now.So,she is calling some of her friends to watch it with her this coming OCTOBER.So,im just some form of companion to all of those girls.Anyway,i think Shuwen is coming too,right ? So at least,it wouldnt be too dodgy for me.Lols.
Oh oh.And I heard that Brad Pitt and A Jolie has donated U$ 1 million to some fund raising campaign thingy in Zimbabwe.Woah,look at that..
Anyway..stay close with my blog,arites ? Tc and gabyes.

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