Monday, September 1, 2008

WOW Nite

W.O.W Nite was a blast ! Hallelujah !!! My team used to be ROckSolid.It's know known as Eat.Sleep.Worship .Kewl name huh ? Thx to Jae R, we sounded so cool !!! Hahaahha.Had the M'sian touch to the whole worship purpose thingy.Hahaha.Anyway,we were extremely hyped that day.I bought cute t's for all of us to wear.RM 10 and i had 8 members in my team.Just enough..hahaha..thx to Megan for fetching me.I got to Kimi and got em'.Anyway..the time came and everything was looking a little messed up.But we made it finally..Hey,Megan's hard work is not gonna get thrown away jux lyk dat.Hahaha. Well,we got up to a good start.My team rocked,i mean.We rocked the church.We rocked Christ.I felt his presence that night and I am CONVINCED,something big is rushing on its way to land on this church.AMEN !!!! LOLXXX. Anyway,i recently caught a movie.Money No Enough 2.A mixture of hilarious moment and real touching occasions that would definitely bring down any cold heart to tears.Watch it,kaes ? I'm going off now.Gabyes.


Shuwen said...

yeah it was a blast.
budden, that movie.
Its funny at some parts.
budden its not VERY funny.
it makes me, half laugh half cry.
wtf. I still prefer wall E :D
i seriously needa go watch ZOHAN

Beh Ying Ying said...

... no movies/drama made me cry before...

maybe i should try watching it... >.>