Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Delights..

Wow.It's not like I get hooked up with boy bands but this particular one really caught my attention.


An awesome combination of music-talent,looks,charisma and their love for music.Gawwsh, me PERSONALLY.their song has so totally changed music.Their songs like Burning Up,Play My Music,When You Look Me In The Eye,Year 3000,Just a little Bit Longer...these songs say alot of things you know. Well..they've actually been around for good period of time it was just a matter of time that they were going to be noticed.One thing I realise about this awesome band is their coordination when they perform on stage.They just let music take the way and use them in it's OWN liking. Kevin,the one who plays the string is an example of a true and genuine lover of music..Nick and Joe.Both possesses a certain particular style of their own that attracts girls and suprisingly the one of the same gender.I mean,not sexually..but it's their way of heating things up on stage that makes a guy even fascinate em'.U catch me ? So,yeaa..I mean..if u arent really an ardent fan of the Jonas Brothers.Give them a shot to change music for you,okayy ? At least I know it has to me.

Oh yea.Did you know its so so advisable to really really clean ur toothbrush thoroughly everytime u use it.I mean,most people are so ignorant that they just brush it off with some water and let it there.Because research proves that 80% of bacteria comes from YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.Not those on your teeth..So,yea..just some dumb tip for u TEETH CLEANERS !!! LMAOssss..And jamie loo ! Somehow..I miss you lots.It's shame u wont be making it back to Msia this time around..*sniff sniff* Anyhow.To my blog readers,take care and have an excellent weekend.Gabyes..


Beh Ying Ying said...


okay... i hate boy band... lolz... i don't know why but those type of music really make rock song lovers like me falls asleep...XD
no offence, just that everyone is different in their on way, and wether you like it or not. so it's a no for me... XP

AND not only clean your toothbrush. you should also change it every 3months,right...?

IvaNLoO said...

It's okayy,lol.
Dun worry.It's ur opinion and ur entitled to it.SO TOTALLY.
And yes,3 months.But I do it every 4-5.HAhaha

Jamielicious said...

You actually change ur toothbrush?!?!?! (0.0)
And I thought u hardly ever brush ur teeth!!! LOL~!!!

Neway, how many times must i remind u huh?!?!
U called JoJo your "sister", and u called me (ie. ur eldest sister "jamie loo"?!?!), what "reverse-recognition" is this man??? (-_-")

Hahahaha... but i miss u too, baboon! I may be coming home this coming feb, though nuttin is confirm yet...

mysteriousgirl said...

hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!how are u as of now?well i think u ask urself ho i am,well ur my fren but i dun no if u treated me a fren,but its not a big deal for me, the important i care for u with all my the way i greet u a belated Happy Bday,I miss u!!!bye thanks.