Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh I Don't Know.

Hey guys.An update after some time.Hahahahaa.Me and my blog..teehee.People say i've been pretty "high" recently.Oh wells..Well,school has been a bit tough recently and I FELL SICK AGAIN ! Omg..didnt go school for two good days.Monday was horrid,really.But Tuesday i was actually in a good shape for school but mum insisted on staying at home so i went..what the heck,i'll jz tk advantage,if thats what she wants.LOLSS !! Shuwen was sick.Mei Hung also.I heard she had dengue ? Pity her.Please pray for her well-being.Jae was recently healed i think and so is the rest.Oh yes.On my last post on WOW Night.I didnt had the chance to show u my team photo.Sorry.Having some problems with the uploading process.I'll try to work it out anyway. I WANNA JOIN BAND.Damn it,please mum ! Dont cha guys think if I have a dream.I should pursue it rather than sitting there waiting for someone to just shatter them just because of their own opinion ? Yea ? the end.What i love doing would still be WHAT I LOVE DOING.I wanna embark on this whole new thing,ya know ? Sometimes,i wish old ppl can comprehend.Wonder y........ Neways,i've had some quarrels with Ruth,but we're all okayy now after some good discussion and explaining.So,one burden off the shoulder.Oh wells..what else what else.Hmm,sang for sien son yesterday at imyf meeting.Cool worship session this time.As usual..Sien Son and his power to worship.Hahaahaha. Oh.And i wanna watch DEATHRACE.Who wants to come along ?

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