Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunday Morning !

Well,it's a sunday morning.What can I say about one ? Sunday's are always dull,dont u guys agree !? I mean,could it be because we all know that tmr is THE first day of school ? Really,idk..
It's always dull , a little depressing ! Haha.It's probably the time to think through stuff we never had the time to ponder on,cha' know ?

Haizz,it's pretty hard to focus on studying on Sunday's,too ! Yea,call me 'kiasu' and all but i dont care !

Hm,this next few weeks would be a heck of a hectic one ! I'm really eager to get on with the ELS Junior Night and I wanna combine with the morning session's but no offence,I thought afternoon session's society was dead.But really..cmon man.Well,if it doesnt happen,we afternoon session have just got to handle it ourselves.I'm excited to see how some of our enthusiastic members are gonna perform !! Oh,and plus !! The ELS trip.We're going to Penang this time but Puan Rosnah,please call the agency soon ! There's no time to waste !!!

And besides,there are people who birthday's are coming soon too ! And i am counting the days ! Haha,I've got a BIG BIG plan for that someone and really am working my very best on it !

Crap,i've kinda lost track with all the recent movies.Latest movie I watched was Indiano Jones and yea,from my perspective ! That was FRIGGIN AGES AGO !!!!! Mum sed wanna watch Hellboy:The Golden Army this week and u guys can tag along as well ! And after that,i'm planning to watch The Dark Night with some of u guys as well ! These are the two movies I'm targeting at this point !! As much as i wanna watch movies like Get Smart and Wanted.I can only come to terms with two lah.At least,that's what my mum stated ! Plus,cinema needs money,aite !!

I've been watching some old movies as well that I didn't had the chance to watch before in AXN,Astro ! Movies like Hitch and Pink Panther ! Have u guys watched Pink Panther before ?! Man,this show can totally knock your head off and make u insane forEVER ! Seriously !!!!
If u guys havent watched this show yet,try downloading it in the net or sumfin,aite ?!!!!

Well,i gotta go now.Gotta get ready for lunch !!
Keep in touch people ! Bye !

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Shuwen said...


oh wth.
youre so outdateeedd :D
no lah. jk jk :]