Thursday, July 10, 2008


Right,to some people..this habit of mine changing blogs and then leaving em' dead is prettty ridiculous but this time it's for real,aite ?! Just pray this ol' crappy computa' of mine to go dead like it always do ! I was THIS close to getting a new laptop ! Darn !

Anyways,daily report about yesterday's events.It was a Thursday ! Started of pretty boring and all with Patrick's tuition!! HAd to call my dad to fetch me back cuz Cheeezy apparently had to go to market n fetch her sister so..i reli didn't wanna be a burden !

Den,went to skul lahs ! Maths was pretty kewl cuz we learn bout loci ( losai which sounded like LOU SAI ! ) Lolx ! And there was dis one time,Mr.Tan drew a reli reli reli LAUGH MY ASS OF picture !! Guys from my class,remember ?!!

Then,went on normal lo ! Sej was kind of a free period cuz teacher asked to to KEMASKINI our sejarah nota but i thought she was just lazy,reli ! But,wth cares..i had a gud time with my friends neways ! Woah..10.25 am d..nvm,still got tym !

Yea,and during KH..Huai Jiann n Teck Keong they all,went cuckhoo with band.They were marching and during the formation in class.Came in Nizam too ! Three trumpet idiots ! Lawl !
But,reli..Band is EXCELLENT ! I really wanna join but the only obstacle infront is two huge figures ! Mum and Dad ! Darn it.Pray 4 me guys,its A DREAM ! And jamie loo,please talk to mum ! She listens to u ! They say i don't hafta time but reli,i reli reli reli am interested ! I will be commited ( i hope )

Well,moving on ! There was Ong later at nite ! Boring also lah ! NOtes and Notes and NOtes nia.
After,dat..went home watch tv and then had my beauty sleep !
This morning went for tennis,walaoeh ! Rocking fun ! Had to run so far behind and hit the ball from waist height ! Mr.Lee was really encouraging ! Thx !

Well,time now is 10.29.Hafta bath la ! 11.00 got bible study at church ! Gtg guys ! Catch up with my SURE TO BE CONSISTENT blog,kaes ?!!! Plus,shuwen ! I relix100 need ur help with the blog's design n all !
Ciao !!


Jamielicious said...

Errr... very hard lah...
U are so packed with activities already... how to persuade mum lah...
Plus, nowadays mum complained tht u're seldom at home...
Unless, u can prove to mum that u can manage ur time well, and that u can juggle all these activities of urs together with flying colour results for ur exams...
And a gentleman, and an obedient son, and a responsible brother, and bla bla bla...
However, I proposed u to take up scouts instead... I reckon u need the skills oh so badly! =P


PageS AnD PageS said...

Thanks for the encouragement sis !
But really,i have real passion for band.
Dont get me wrong,your suggestions are good and all.
I know i'm not the most skillful one this world can offer if not THE WORST.
But,when a dream stands a dream.
There's always desire to achieve.
In whatsoever aspects of your life,it comes down to what you love doing.And yea of course,im always out for reasons.Tuitions,school and bible study.
And i have been doing some good studying at home.
At home..well,honestly.
When your the only guy at home.
It's a pretty tough route in times.
Thanks anyway.
Guess one of my dreams are shattered.
But it's okayy.=D