Monday, July 21, 2008

Han Chae Young is sizzling hawt !

Alright,people.Some of you may not come to know this korean girl but believe me,she is extremely HAWT and pretty ! Woots ! There's she right up there ! She featured in a couple of dramas like Sassy Girl,Chun Hyang , Only You and Exhibition of Fireworks !!
I'm currently on Sassy Girl,Chun Hyang ! Finishing soon and then i'll be switching interest in Exhibiton of Fireworks !!
p.s. Only You is pretty dull but it was nice seeing chae young acting sweet and all ! Lawl !
I fall for such girls,really ! I all of a sudden realise ! -____________________-
Moving on.Umm,I've also been listening to a few songs past few days ! I'm Yours from Jason Mraz is nice ! Smooth and soothing addition to the song makes it really relaxing and carefree !
God Blessed The Broken Road is another song I've been hitting on ! It's on my friendster proffy! Love this song !! It's lyrics says everything ! Check it out guys !
I need ur prayers and help wether i should join band or not,seriously ! It has been about 2-3 weeks I've been pondering and laying my thoughts on and i'm still on a dead end.Everytime i thought i was going somewhere with a decision,i fall right back again ! Understand how fustrating this can be ?! Honestly,it's been a dream since young and I've been following up on the Nan Hwa Military Band since primary school.I've been to their concerts and have been on youtube and other webs to look at local military bands and foreign nation's military bands ! And it's also been a desire to be a part of the percussion section but when i was informed that it was full last year,i was kinda brought down and didn't wanted to join band anymore ! That was where i started to have this drastic drop of interest in band ! In addition,Mr Ong's snippy comments about band also played a part in my anti-band attitude last time ! And also the hectic schedule they ( band members ) have to go thru ! It scares me,honestly ! But then,the interest in band has started to fire up again.Ask me how,but i really can't find a reasonable answer to it.If God trying to tell me that band is what i should be taking part in ?! After all,it's been a dream since young.
Jessy told me that there's no point to be joining band cuz even if I did,my rank wud be lower than others.But,honestly.Ranks to me ain't the THING ! But,it's basically the joy and splendour i get in performing with a gang of people !!!! That rocks,dont cha think so ? People say band is stupid,dumb,boring...yada yada yada.But,honestly..military band is the best uniform society to be joining amongs the others.They include discipline like every other uniform body does but the fact that MUSIC ( MY LOVE ) is also involve ! It makes band much much more interesting to venture.That's my point of view !!
I'm okay to join.I have the commitment,I just don't have the support.Sighs
Jamie !!! Pls talk to mum about this,dont say i asked you to.Just try to connect to her and talk to her about the greatness of poeple REACHINGA THEIR DREAMS,aite ?! That might knock some sense into her,really !!!!!!!!!!
Aww,'s 11.00 at night already ?! Yikes,is the clock not working right or sumfin ?!
Oh,'s 11.00 ! Hmm..n im getting awfully tired,too !
PREFECT NITE approaching ! Yays ! Can't wait,first formal night of the year.ELS nite wud MOST PROBABLY be held on the first of August !!
Kla,i really need to get going ! Wanna sleep and get going to Patrick's tomorrow ! Aww,crap ! His homework ! Darn it,gotta do it now ! Chiaoz !

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Shuwen said...

whts with ' reaching for your dream '
or smth.
if you really wanna join, JOIN,
and jessy sounds like kenny D:

'studies are everythng' (kenzou)
'ranks are everythng'

if someone joins js cos of the ranks, i thnk they quite dumb.

ohh, if youre joining cos of her, then dont, cos she's quitting :D